An online Journal for Emotion-Focused Practitioners

The online journal for practitioners in Emotion-Focused work is an international, peer-reviewed journal which aims to contribute to the practice of counselling and psychotherapy. EFT-Online will publish counselling and therapy articles, case-studies, and practitioner-based research featuring single-casestudies, qualitative, or mixed-method approaches. EFT-Online encourages practitioners in particular as well as trainers, researchers, students and educators to submit articles for publication. The editorial group aims to encourage aspiring authors to contribute to the sharing of information relevant to practitioners. The editorial group will encourage articles that inspire the reader, written in easy English and/or employing creative methods of writing. 

Journal Purpose

The purpose of EFT-Online, the online journal for Emotion-Focused practitioners is to encourage practitioners to write about their experiences and their discoveries in clinical practice as well as practice-based research. 

Vol 1 No 1 : Emotions, Therapy & Institutions

Vol 2 No 1 : Emotions, Emotional Signatures, and Self-Reflection